49ER Faithful UK

Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

49ER Faithful UK - Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

49erFaithfulUK Meeting. Saturday 9th August 2014

49erFaithfulUK Meeting. Saturday 9th August 2014

In Attendance: Mike, Gary, Dipak, Simon Jowitt and Brian.


It was agreed that we would extend our range of Merchandise in our current shop.  The quality of the items seen in person, so far, have all been excellent and the feedback we have had from everybody so far has been very positive.

We will look to make newer additions every 3-4 months to keep the shop fresh. This will also be determined by what the shop can offer us.

We will look to make new additions within the next week.

We are looking into the possibility of adding new Merchandise with the old “49ERS” font.

It was suggested that we could ask if the logo can be shrunk for smaller items, i.e. Gloves.

The standard International charge for shipping to the US is £20. This is not currently shown on the website.

Business Cards:

We got through 1000 in London in 2013.

We need to change the phone number to reflect +44 instead of the current configuration.

We need to add the new website address to the card.

We have agreed to purchase 10000 @ £250.00.  Mike will be speaking to Staples to establish a timeframe on this.

49erFaithfulUK Road Trip.


Brian, Gary and Mike will be attending the 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals game.

On the Saturday we will be spending the day with our friends at the AZ Empire and we will also be tailgating with them on the Sunday Pre-Game.

San Francisco:

Brian, Gary and Mike will arrive into San Francisco on 22/09 where we will later be joined by Dipak.

We will be in studio with Damon Bruce from 95.7 The Game. Day and time TBC.

We all agreed that we need to spend some time when in and around SF to have photo’s with our flags in as many places as possible. Car hire would probably be the best and fastest way to do this.

Dipak will arrive into SF on 25th September.

Wembley Week 4:

We are all out of the country this week; however, we will look to give our flag to somebody who is going to Wembley to help represent us and our fans. This is not essential but would be nice to have our flag seen.


Wembley Week 8:

We have agreed that we will be attending this weekend, even if we do not attend the game.

We will aim to be at The Green Man early in the morning and we will use that as a social event for all the 49erFaithfulUK folks to have a meet-up at.

The 49ers are on a bye week, so we could also use the Green Man for a post-game meet-up as well, given the early kick off of the game on this week.

Mike and Dipak to possibly commute Sunday morning

Brian to possibly stay with Gary.


Wembley Week 10:

Simon Jowitt will be attending this game and he will be in charge of carrying and displaying our flag in the stadium.

Gary will also be attending.


Flags cost £270 and have been paid for

Business Cards £250.00. All to pay £62.50. These should last us, so it is essential that every detail is correct and stays correct.

Merchandise to take to SF includes 6 Tees 1 Hat.

“Membership scheme”

It was agreed that a Membership “scheme” was a dated idea and that we would not charge anybody a fee to join or be part of.

However we will have some very exclusive offers for our 49erFaithfulUK fanbase in the near future, that will be exclusive, just to you.


All 3 flags in the group are paid for

1 will be travelling to the USA.

1 will stay in the group for our events and Wembley games.

1 will go to fans who are travelling to games to take with them to then return when they are home.

If you would like to purchase your own full-size flag, please send us a PM on Facebook.

Other sizes will also be available on request.

Channel 4/NFLUK

We will send Gary to the filming of one of the Channel 4 shows next season. Use this opportunity to get our gear seen and possibly interview for podcast with NFLuk/Channel 4 regulars.

Filming is done on a Thursday afternoon.  We will be looking for volunteers to attend with him.

New Website:

We are currently looking at this and are weighing up the options as to whether this is:

a)      Possible

b)      Required

c)       Viable

If we come to a decision and development goes well, we hope to have something in place in 2015.


We will continue through the season to have a blog. We are considering opening this up to our UK faithful to contribute if they wish.

Nick McGee will continue to write our official 49erFaithfulUK blog.


We will be sending out a survey very soon and welcome your feedback.

The topics to cover will be, Location, Merchandise, Media Outlets, Podcast, Meet-ups.


We are very happy with how the podcast has turned out. We have had some amazing guests and engaged with the UK fans. This will continue into the new season and beyond. If you want to appear on the podcast, please message us on Facebook. We welcome your 49ers related stories and volunteers on the 49ers fan feature.

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