49ER Faithful UK

Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

49ER Faithful UK - Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

April Meeting Notes

April 2014 Meeting notes

Mission statementCommitted to forging links with not only fans here in the UK and Ireland, but with 49ers fans worldwide.

We also aim to grow our ties with the 49ers themselves and to create a lasting legacy for our Fanbase.


We’re looking into a merchandise store to look at clothing lines. Hoodies, Tees, Polos, Tech tees, hats etc.

Also we will check with the supplier to see if they offer secondary options such as pens, cups, lanyards, car stickers, pin badges, scarves etc.

Any profits from this will be reinvested into the group.

International Shipping is being investigated; we will let you know once the store opens.

Social Media

Facebook group – Keep it as it is for now. No changes required.

Twitter page – Running smooth. No changes required.

Mike to continue conducting the Facebook Geography survey.


Do we need to create a new site?

Do we have somebody to create and run us a new standalone site?

We need to understand what the financial costs and implications of us doing this will be.  Currently we have a free site being hosted in the US, which we have admin access too, although none of us actually have any web building experience or knowledge.


We need to get a survey out to all of our followers and users urgently.  This will allow us feedback with everything we currently do, anything we can do and aim what we do at what people want.  We will be getting this out to you very soon and we encourage your feedback, the more the better.


We have had positive feedback with regard to the Podcast and the fan features done so far, we encourage you to put your names forward if you wish to participate.

Again, the more feedback to us the better, even if you like it just the way it is.

We will put the podcast on YouTube and we intend to do some video podcasts/videocasts later in the year!


Dipak is running the Canton, Ohio, Hall of Fame Marathon. We will record a podcast and get it out before he goes. We also need to make the 49ers aware that he is doing this. This will be good coverage for us.


We need a new flag.

Suggestion is that we have 2, maybe 3 smaller ones than the current flag. One for the group. One that we could loan to folks who are going to the US to take with them, this will allow us more visibility through the season in SF and the surrounding area.

Would you be interested in purchasing flags if they were available, around A5 size?

Links to the 49ers organization

We have now developed a very strong link with the organization, bringing you the fan, closer to the team.

We intend to make these links stronger within the current season.

Roles and Responsibilities

It was discussed as to whether it would be worth keeping the current structure of the group or whether it was worth having a structure of folks.

As “Presidents, vice-Presidents” etc  are voted or nominated, that we would just have a “Founder” and a support team. That current support team consists of Dipak, Gary and Brian.

Dipak will be our main source of external communications via email.


Appearance and Branding

We agreed to use the current logo, complete with the SF logo.  If we encounter any pushback from either the NFL or the team then we will change at a later date.

We agree to being a “non-Profit Organisation” Any funds raised will be re-invested into the group,

We will still keep a paper trail of all expenses. We also require a paper-trail and summary of all Merchandise sales plus inventory on hand.


Currently there are no plans to make this a funded fan club or have any subscription fees.

It was also decided that at some point we may ask for funding with regard to the flags.  We would again encourage feedback with regard to this. Currently we have agreed to cover this cost between us.

We all agree that we are happy to fund any outgoings right now for flags, Merchandise etc via founder and support group.


We have targeted the Dolphins Raiders game on September 28th to attend as a group.

We will have a presence in and around the fan rally/London area on the Saturday as well. We will use this as a card distribution exercise as well as meeting up with fellow fans.

Anybody wishing to hand out cards on that day is more than welcome. We will supply cards.

We intend to go to the Green Man pre-game.

If the Schedule falls nicely, we are hoping that for one of the games in London, the 49ers will also be on TV. If this is the case, we may be able to organize a meet-up, potentially back at The Green Man that will hopefully be showing our game.  This will all be determined at a later date.

Channel 4 and other TV programmes

We would like to get a group meetup at the Channel 4 highlights show, we will look to arrange some dates in the future. It would be good for us to have some visibility here.

Also, we would like to raise the profile of the group on the Sky and Channel 4 Live shows and this is where we need your help to mention the group as much as we can through emails, tweets, facebook etc in the coming season.

We plan to hold another meeting before the new season. We will be joined by one of our Members for this meeting therefore; we are pleased to announce this will be Simon Jowitt. We will continue to do this in the future at all meetings to encourage more and fresh ideas and thoughts.

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