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Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

49ER Faithful UK - Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

Carolina Panthers Playoff Meetup


Hi Guys…

As you all know, the 49ers have progressed into the divisional round of the playoffs. The schedules have been kind to us and given us a reasonably early start of a 6:00 pm start against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday evening.

With that in mind, and recognising that this is very short notice (we have no say over NFL scheduling!), we are looking to hold an official 49erFaithful UK meetup for the divisional game THIS SUNDAY.

The proposed venue is Shooters Sports Bar in Manchester City Centre.

This is a different venue to where we met for the Superbowl last year.

We are looking to get as MANY people as POSSIBLE to attend, and in order to facilitate this, we have booked a 9 seat minibus to pick up people and bring them back to and from the venue. This service will include Pick ups and drop-offs in Greater Manchester Area, Liverpool, East Midlands Birmingham and Leicester. If you can make it to either of these pick up/drop off points, we can take you to and from the venue for a nominal fee to cover hire of the minibus and petrol etc.

We do understand that this is extremely short notice, but it would be a massive occasion for us to have as many people as possible. We understand that people have work commitments etc the following day, and that is why we have decided to lay on transport where feasibly possible, on the principle that if it was a late game, you’d be awake for it anyway by the time you arrive home.

It is really imperative that you can attend this event, it would really help solidify our status as not only an active 49er booster club, but also as one of the biggest and by far the best UK fan group of any NFL team. We feel solidarity is really important and we attend one event as a group.

This is OUR group guys, so please support our own cause…we don’t function without the contributions of each and everyone of you.

There will be more announcements coming soon to highlight schedules and times etc.

Please do your best to attend…it’s going to be another memorable event for the 49erfaithful UK and even more memorable with all your friendly faces out in force.

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