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Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

49ER Faithful UK - Bringing Niner Fans Together From All Over The Globe!!!

UK Faithful – Daryl Hanman


This is my 10th year supporting the Niners and watching the NFL, it all started with a trip to funny enough LA for a family holiday, staying with a family that the people we went on holiday were related to, the son (David) massive sports fan he took us to a Dodgers game against the royals  (that the dodgers won & love affair began)

But he was also a 49ers fan the passion him and the family, the showed for this fantastic sport, me just sat there with the family being told who each player was, explaining the plays etc now I knew of what the NFL was due to my uncle loving the Dan Marino and the the Steelers first introduced me to it but that holiday I came back with 2 new loves in the 49ers and Dodgers that to this day that is now an obsession and officially started supporting both.

Sadly due to work I missed the 49ers broncos game at Wembley so when it was announced that we were coming here to play the jags this year I lost my mind, finally I was going to see this team that iv obsessed over for so many years, live in person (no matter the opponents) again due to work I couldn't get time off to come to London early to meet up with the lads, so me and my uncle left early from Barry Island (Gavin and Stacey fans will know where this is) headed to London, heading up to the green man, where we met a lot of the guys from the page, amazing chatting to people that only is done over the screen on the UK page & also a couple of Niner fans that had travelled over from SF but cause we couldn't stay as long as I wanted missed many great people that iv chatted to on here, hopefully another meet later this season will mean can meet many of you


Getting in to the stadium early and as everyone that was there you could tell it was going to be a sea of red, so many 49er shirts from the new players jerseys to old throw backs such as young, Montana, Lott really was a special sight and something that made me so proud to be apart of

Okay as we all know, the game was a blow out and from the first quarter didn't have any nervousness that we wouldn't win comfortably, but not in anyway did it take away from the best day of my sporting life (yes I put it above Everton beating united in the fa cup final in 1995) I also video'd Kaps first touchdown run  http://youtu.be/irHBJvvaMmw the sea of red when we scored was amazing to see.

I also have a sf tattoo on my right forearm


Even though I still get laughed at by work mates and my best friends that why did you have it you'll regret it when you're older, it's by far the best thing I've done, makes me so proud every time I look down.

Would like to end by saying that last week David, the guy that got me in to the dodgers and 49ers lost a long battle to illness last week and sadly past away, he was a great man and affected my life more than I think he even realised so it's been a sad couple of days and makes me more gutted that he didn't get to see either the Niners lift the Superbowl or dodgers win the World Series before he past away, but I can never thank him for what he gave me, Rest in peace mate.

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